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Sunday, January 24, 2010

End of Goal Week 3 of 2010

Goal: Be Neighborly and Introduce Ourselves
I should mention that I haven't done my Visiting Teaching yet. However, in my defense, I still have the rest of this week to do it for this month.

Well, we waited until just about the last minute, but Friday night we took a little bag of cookies to each of our three neighbors and introduced ourselves.
I think we might have freaked a couple of them out. : )
Things I learned:
First guy gets up REALLY early to go to work. I actually never saw him before, just his wife and daughter.
The people on the bottom floor, but on the other side of us are Hispanic and didn't seem to speak much English. We knocked on the door and they said to, "Come in", but when we poked open the door, they seemed surprised. Why do people do that? I could have been a serial killer for Pete sakes! They didn't say much to us and it was extremely awkward so we left them with the cookies and went on.
There are two girls who each have very young daughters in the apartment underneath ours. One is actually dating our landlord's son. Only one of the girl's and her daughter were at home when we stopped by (the one not dating the landlord's son). She was very nice and was really excited that we brought over cookies. : ) It was sorta funny because when we gave her the cookies she said laughingly, "You guys are good neighbors. I would have never done that." I thought, "It took a weekly goal for me to do it."

As soon as we were done, we scampered quickly off to our apartment. I was proud of us for going waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay outside of our comfort zone and making ourselves known to our neighbors. One of them (pre-cookies and introduction) actually took our garbage out for us this week. How nice!


  1. I am so proud of this! I'm not going to lie...I didn't do it. I do know our neighbors though and have spoken to all of them before. We just aren't friends....ha

  2. Such a great goal! It would be a little out of my comfort zone as well. Stopping by from SITS!


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