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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fair Fun!!!!

So, this post is exceedingly overdue, but I'm adopting the philosophy "Better Late Than Never".

While eating our utterly delicious soft-serve ice cream, we enjoyed some music from a local band.

My niece, Sammy, and nephew, Jaden came to visit and my parents brought them to the Fair....
Where we, naturally, fed them unhealthy Fair food such as: Corn Dogs, Fries, Otter Pops, and my favorite Soft-serve ice cream.
Then we went to see the aminals.....
A few of them got a little fresh with Dad.....They started with two......Birdies!!!!And of course, Ty and I ended the night with more Ice Cream....I was so excited I couldn't hold the camera still!!! J/K
That week was a crazy one for me. I was working in the office, doing massages (until they could find someone else...which I'm happy to announce that they did and I'm no longer doing massage), and working at the office Fair booth. But I met some pretty cool people out there.

AVON ladies...."AVON calling". So many ladies took shifts between them all, that I never saw the same ones twice. And normally they came in twos, so they had a buddy. I'm pretty sure this lady's buddy ran to get some food.
My Costco peeps. I felt really bad for these guys. Just to clear it up....Costco bought land in ML about 13 years ago, but nothing has happened with it. For now, they have no plans on coming to ML. They got asked that a lot!!! (I admit, I asked too!)
Tupperware DIVAS!!! These ladies are truly amazing! From the second the Fair started to the second it ended, they were there. I think they did pretty dang good too.
This was my last day at the fair, so I wanted a picture of me and Doc (my boss). That man is so cheesy!
Doc greeting people trying to flock them all in.

I ended my Fair week by meeting Dino Rossi. My uncle was like you're going to meet him...come with me. Grabs my arm and pulls me to him and then introduces me and says something about me being a small business with Massage.....David did you get that memo about me not doing massage anymore? Oh well. Mr. Rossi was a very nice guy and I think he'll do well.
Hooray for FAIR!!! This was the first time I'd been to the fair in about 12 years. Other than the working part, I enjoyed myself. Good times.
Side note: Someone needs to explain to me the excitement about Spaceburgers. And none of that it's Fair tradition crap. This was also my first year for that and it was okay, but nothing I'd be waiting all year for. ??????

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