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Monday, September 8, 2008

Salsa Off!!!!

I know...I'm totally throwing you all off with posting so soon after my last one, but I actually have pictures for this one and I didn't want to wait.

May I proudly present Basin Family Chiropractic's 3rd annual Salsa Off!!! All of us girls in the office and Doc, individually, make a salsa and our patients come in throughout the day, try them, and vote.

My Avocado, Mango Salsa.

Deanna's Salsa, it was a general flavored salsa.
Daniele's Nectarine Salsa.
Doc's Super-Spicy Salsa.

And the winner is Doc with his Super-Spicy Salsa with 19 votes!!!! It was a lot of fun. Last year when we did this I totally bombed (I only got like 2 votes). But in my defense it was the first salsa I ever made and actually Ty's favorite. This year though, I did much better getting 3rd place with 14 votes.


  1. sweet. i wish i could have tried them. that sounds like so much fun to have a salsa off!

  2. That sounds lots of fun. I remember hearing about this last year.

  3. I would have voted for number 4 wink wink XOXOOX

  4. Haha! Thanks! I thought it was pretty good. I actually had a lady come in today and asked me for the recipe because her daughter liked mine so much that she just didn't care for any other salsa she tried. I was so excited to hear that!

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun. Way to go Jenny! Hey I love the wedding picture at the top. I haven't really seen any until that one, it is beautiful!


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