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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Favs of the 80's...

Recently, Ty and I joined the wonderful world of Netflix. Hooray! We LOVE watching movies and especially those movies we remember from our childhood. It's pretty fun getting nostalgic seeing something from waaaaaaaaaay back. So, this is the basis of today's post. Though I didn't make it into the '80s until the middle of the decade, I still remember watching some of the classics growing up. Keep in mind, this is from MY childhood. If you don't care for my list, make your own. :)

Alright, with that said, here's my Top 5 80's Movies.......

5.This was one of those movies that I remember my older brothers watching continuously when they had friends over. Me, being the little pest of a little sister that I was, I wanted to be cool and be apart of the cool older group. So, naturally, I would sneak up stairs, when my parents thought that I was asleep and watch the movie with them (in the shadows).

Any girl who watched this movie when they were younger can't deny the fact they actually thought Davie Bowie was pretty freaking gorgeous! The fact is, he looked better in this movie than he did in real life. I don't care who ya are (as far as the female persuasion is concerned), you would NOT say no to the Goblin King! This, also, was definitely the movie that really created Jennifer Connelly's career. Playing the whiny, self-pitying Sarah, who sets out in search of her baby half-brother, Toby, whom she actually sent off by wishing the goblins to take him away. She was amazing! And who can forget the lovable Ludo, or Hogbreath...I mean Hoggle (teehee), or Sir Didymus. Great movie!

4.(Sigh)...ah, Daniel Larusso. He was the scrawniest thing and somehow was able to kick some serious trash and defeat the bully Johnny Lawrence in the All Valley Karate Tournament, Chozen while trying to protect the beautiful Kumiko, and Mike Barnes when he's forced to defend his title at the next tournament.

Probably the greatest shock to come to Karate Kid fans is that Ralph Macchio was 24 when he became the teen idol playing Daniel Larusso. Seriously, the kid looked like he just jumped outta puberity. However, it's hard to imagine him playing anyone else after this. And who can forget Pat Morita, playing the disciplined and serious sensei, Mr. Keisuke Miyagi, every now and again making a funny. Who could believe that this comedian would play such a serious and honorable character. The was definitely a dynamic duo that's hard to beat.


Unfortunately, for Daniel and Miyagi, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd did. At least for me. These two are a couple of the best actors. This being one of the first, for both of the actors, major roles in Hollywood.

Marty McFly and Doctor Brown (affectionately known as "Doc"), take a many adventures through time and each one getting better with each progressive movie. With trying to get Marty's parents to ultimately fall in love (and get his mother to fall out of love with him...eww), saving the future of his children (as well as his own), and falling even further back in time to bring Doc "Back to the Future" (pun intended). This trilogy is without a doubt one my all-time favorites. I will forever be captured by the back-to-back one liners of "Great Scott!!!", "I know, this is heavy." Lol. Now that's entertainment.

Mikey, Mouth, Data, Chunk, Brand, Andy, Stef, and the Fratellis....all in search of the treasure of One-eyed Willy. Where do I even start? A bunch of kids, running from family of criminals and toward the pirate known as One-eyed Willy, hoping to find enough riches to save their home, the Goon Docks. This movie is a forever hit.

Sean Astin did an amazing job portraying Mikey, enthusiastic leader of his friends in search of adventure and gold. It's kinda sad, but he will always hold a place in my movie-loving heart. He puts energy and spirit into any role he plays, whether it be Mikey from "The Goonies", Daniel 'Rudy' Rudigar in "Rudy", or Samwise Gamgee in "The Lord of the Rings". I could really go on about all the of the different actors in this movie, but I'll just let you check them out on Wikipedia yourselves. However, I must make honorable mention of the ever-hilarious Chunk dance. That's right. I'm talking about the Truffle-shuffle. Classic.


This is it. My favorite movie of the 80's and pretty much ever. I'm still surprised by the puzzled look I get from people even older than myself, who have never had the pleasure and enjoyment of seeing this magnificence. I like to randomly poll people to see who has even heard of it. The response is somewhat tragic. First of all, it's a Ron Howard, George Lucas film. Is there any way that it could go wrong? I ask you. Second of all, Val Kilmer....with a sword...with an open shirt. 'Nuf said. Third, Warwick Davis. I realize that many of you who haven't seen this movie have absolutely no idea what significance he has. All I can say is he is by far the most well known and amazing dwarf (no, seriously, that what they call them) known to acting. Harry Potter fans will remember him as Professor Flitwick. And if you're particularly deranged, he played Leprechaun in the Leprechaun films. He's career is one you'll also have to look up, because it's really far to extensive to recap here.

Willow Ufgood, a farmer who is striving to become a great sorcerer, struggles to help bring about the end of the horrible and wicked queen, Bavmorda, and save the infant, Alora Danan. He gets help from Madmartigan, an incredible swordsman and warrior, a couple brownies named Rool and Frajean, and Fin Razelle, a sorceress, placed under a spell, by Bavmorda, keeping her some sort of animal, until Willow can turn her back into her human form. This movie has adventure, romance, magic, and humor. If you haven't seen this need to get yourself down to the movie rental store. It's amazing! And my #1.


  1. lol I think I would have to beat you up if I didnt see back to the future and karate kid up there they are freakin classics where we come from lol!!! I love it!!! XOXOX

  2. Willow is still my favorite movie. I have had the same response. Way to give it proper credit.

  3. Yay for GOONIES, but don't forget The Outsiders and Dirty Dancing!


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