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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Slackin' on the job!

Wow!!!! I'm officially booted from the "I'm-diligent-with-keeping-up-with-my-blog" club. A month! I've been slacking for a MONTH! Can you even believe that it's now JUNE! I'm still trying to recover from April. There are still gifts that were double from the wedding that we are trying to get returned and never seem to have the time to do. (It will be done this week!) Why don't I just take a minute and try and recap the month a little. You might want to get comfy.

May had a lot going on and some is definitely worth blogging about. First off, Ty and I were given callings in our ward. He is the Sunday School teacher for the 13-14 year olds, which is already proving to be somewhat of a challenged with a couple of boys who are a little disrespectful. I was called to be the Relief Society Secretary and that takes up whatever time I do have left, which isn't much. Mother's Day we were sustained to our callings and we also finally gave those talks that had been postponed due to the lack of electricity in the building. Both of our parents were there and our Moms got to hear how much we love and appreciate all the wonderful things they do.

My migraines have been pretty bad lately and my teeth had, also, been giving me some trouble. So, I finally had to bite the bullet and decided to get my Wisdom Teeth removed (especially since I now have insurance). The doctor said they weren't posing any serious threat at the moment, and had the surgery. I had all four taken out and I WAS put under anesthesia. Thank goodness because I've heard plenty of horror stories about being awake for that surgery.......not exciting. I'm not exactly sure at what point I feel asleep, but I remember talking about Harry Potter and the fact that I'm a Massage Practitioner. Waking up was strange because I didn't remember falling alseep, but my eyes felt somewhat heavy and I was really groggy. However, it didn't take to long to figure out what went down after noticing the puffy cheeks. They had my lie down for a minute where they had a little yellow flower waiting for me. I thought that was pretty sweet of them. "Hey, we're gonna rip some of your teeth out, but we'll knock you out and give you a flower to make up for it." My mom told me later that she was kinda worried about how I was going to be since the girl that came out right before me had trouble even standing. However, I but were close enough that it wouldn't take to long before they would. The next week I went in was doing pretty dang good under the circumstances. Hooray for serious medication! The first day, my cheeks, tongue, and chin were numb. My mom watched over me until Ty came home from work. She really is pretty much one of the coolest moms around. Although, she did make me drink a thing of Slim-fast so I could take my meds. It's a lot harder than it sounds when you can't feel your face. I had to look in the mirror to make sure I was doing it right. Ty was amazing as well. He really took great care of me. He made food for me and did the dishes. Overall, I didn't do too bad, but seriously if you wanna trip, take some Hydrocodine. That stuff made me intensely loopy.

Our next fun event was Memorial Day weekend. Saturday, we went to the cemetery with Ty's family to visit Grandpa Amos Dodgen's grave. He was in the Air Force and I believe spent some time in Korea. Afterwards, Ty and I ran home quickly, so I could change. It was a lot hotter than expected. Then, we grabbed some food and headed over to the Blue Heron park and had a family picnic of sorts with everyone. It was pretty fun and we got to visit with some relatives. We went home, after a bit, to take a nap before the parade started. After talking with Mom and remembering past years of the parade, we decided to make our way over to Rite Aid about 5:30 to get a good spot. Since we were there so early we decided to walk down to the carnival area and see the booths that people put up. That's pretty much all we did was walk around and then headed back. It was good to get some exercise though. ;) After getting some food at Safeway, we busted out with our camping chair (which we got from the wedding) and hung out until the parade started. I took some pictures of us and I got some good shots of my dad's trucks and one of my brother Michael sorta looking for someone he knew in the crowd while playing his drum.

You have to kinda look close to see Michael, but (from the left) the second kid over, his head is right behind Michael's back. There were so many of these little drummers I had trouble finding him in the crowd. And since they were moving so fast, this was the best picture I could get.

Monday, we (again) went to the cemetery to visit my Grandpa Justesen's grave. He was in the Navy and served during WWII. We also saw my sister-in-law's brother, Troy's grave. It was a nice day, but we were out there for a little too long and Ty and I both got sunburned.

That was pretty much May. Tiffany and her boyfriend Jeremy came to visit with both of their kids McKayla and Alexis. We got to use our BBQ grill for the first time! It was way exciting. I'm so excited to have it. It's going to make cooking dinners a breeze this summer.

This last Tuesday we had the missionaries and an investigator family came over. I'm really excited about that. I've never really been able to be apart of the process before and help someone find the gospel.Manuel and Molly are living together and will be having a baby really soon (like two or three weeks). Manuel found the church and joined when he was 16, but fell away. Then, he met Molly and now that the baby is on her way he wants to do the right thing for his family. About that time, the missionaries came to their door. AWESOME!!! Our missionaries are pretty cool. One has been out for 18 months and the other has only been here 2 months.The lesson went really well and Molly is definitely ready to be baptized, but they have to be married first and our lesson was on Chastity to help them understand why. I think they understood and it's so wonderful when we talked about feeling the spirit and you could tell that's what they were feeling. Thursday, we went and gave blood at the Nelson Rd. chapel. It's one of those things that Ty and I really like doing together. Plus, we usually try and see who can go the fastest. Saturday, we went to my parents house and cleaned their boat. It's a big Party Barge (14 people or 2000 lbs. capacity) and it's been in storage for quite awhile. Cats have been using it and let's just say it was kinda nasty. But we're pretty excited to use it for Ty's family reunion.

Alrighty! I think I'm officially back to being up to date. Hooray!!!! I hope you all enjoyed that massive amount of pictures and all the updating. Until next time.....


  1. Um ok missy. . . how is it that I have a link on your blog, which tells me you read it, and yet I've never recieveda comment which would have started me reading yours. . . I had to stumble across this accidentaly! Glad to hear your doing well!!!! Miss you guys!

  2. So, you think you are going to keep up to date...but are you? How are things lately Mrs?!


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