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Monday, June 30, 2008

Announcements, Announcements, ANOWENCEMENTS!!!

Anyone from girls camp remember that one?! Well, even if not I like it.

So, yes. It's true. I have an announcement. And I'd like to begin by letting you all know, that NO, I'm not pregnant. But believe me there will totally be a blog post dedicated to that very thing as soon as it does happen. I know that you are all anxiously awaiting the post title, "Bun in the oven". Hahaha, that's a good one. I'm totally gonna use that.

Okay, now on to the serious stuff. For quite awhile, I've been feeling extremely stressed out and like I'm going over the edge of my sanity. I knew that something was going to have to change in order to feel....well, happy again. Or at least at peace. One suggestion had come to my mind more than once, in fact, quite frequently. Last week I finally came to that conclusion and took action. So here it is.....I've decided to stop doing massage. I'm at the point where I really don't enjoy it and it's actually causing some pain. I have been talking with Ty about for a really long time and when I had thought about it on my own and prayed about it, I felt that it was a good decision. Tuesday, I talked to my boss and told him that I would like to discontinue doing the massage. He took it very well and asked if I could stay on until he could find someone else. I agreed, but I'm really hoping it won't take long. I don't want to leave that area high and dry, but I'm also thinking of myself and my happiness.

That being said, if anyone who is a LMP, or knows one (especially if they are already set up with insurance) and is looking for a job, Basin Family Chiropractic is looking for my replacement. I'll still be up front working as a receptionist MWF. I might even be the one you talk to.

I know this the shortest post I've made yet, but with something like this, short and sweet is the way to go.


  1. I love that girls camp song thingy! It is so exciting! And, that is a pretty big decision. But, it sounds like you are happy. Way to go girl!!

  2. hmmmm i wish I could help ya but massage and chiro ass is alot.... i think this is a great decision...good luck tring to find a massage if I hear of anyone I will send them down xoxoxo

  3. yeah I finally went to Silver falls. We went to south falls and one other one (I dont know what it is called) Our next trip over there we are going to hike the whole thing. I went twice that week :) I liked it alot!

  4. Good luck with that. I sure hope they find someone to replace you soon. Isn't it hard to sometimes decide what is the best decision. I hope everything goes well for you and you feel happy again.

  5. Jenny,
    Wow, congrats on your have grown up before my eyes!!! It's great to see you and your family. I love photos. How come Shannon and Ben don't have a Blog? You can tell them I said personally that they need to get with it. I know they have kiddos that I've never seen....tell them I said to get with it!!! You are gorgeous.

  6. Jenny, Congrads on the wedding. I am Steve Ashton sister, Tiffanni so I know Ty quite well. I have to say his hair looks pretty good short. I just saw your blog and thought i would take a look. (i also do your mother-in-laws hair) We leave in wonderful Othello and have 3 kids. Sounds like you guys are really happy. Tell Ty I said hi...



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