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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lights Out!


Sunday was somewhat of an interesting day for Ty and I. We were informed earlier on in the week that we were to give talks in our ward. I spent most of the day, Saturday, trying to hurriedly put some sort of spiritual intellect together, while Ty, who is by far better than I at putting things together last minute (particularly a talk) put the first and final touches on his notes Sunday morning.

We got ready a little bit earlier than usual, thinking that if we were going to speak, then it would serve us well to show up at least five minutes prior to the meeting time. As we drove into the parking lot, we notice a small herd of people moving toward the pavilion in the park area behind the church. It seemed a little out of character, but we passed it off as the other ward having an "after-church-luncheon".

When we walked through the church doors we started to notice certain things were amiss. The Bishop walked up to us and said that we must be lucky. Somewhat confused by this remark, we asked what was going on, as we also noticed the lights in the cultural hall were were the lights in the entire building. He explained to us that the power in the building wasn't working and they couldn't figure out what the problem was. So, we wouldn't be speaking and instead, we were to vacate the building and make our way to the pavilion outside, where we were to have sacrament and then allowed to go home. He also informed us that Bro. Stones, a member of the bishopric, had another date set apart for us. We followed suit of the others who had already found their seats in the metal benches.

While other members of the ward found places to sit, I contemplated the fact that every time Ty and I were asked to speak, some completely bizarre event occurs. Last time it was me getting run off the road by an 87 year old man just trying to make his way to Perkins for his Sunday afternoon brunch. I shared this revelation with Ty and then thought, "What if they ask us to speak at Stake Conference?" Ty replied that it would be disastrous.

In spite of our lack of electricity, we still had a wonderful meeting with the Sacrament, announcements and two youth speakers. Sitting outside like that made me think of the earlier days of the church and how having meetings outside wasn't as uncommon as it is now. Listening to the hymns being sung sounds so much different when they are let free in the fresh air, rather than being boxed up in a room. I'm so very grateful for that feeling.

Afterwards, we were found by Brother Stones (surprise, surprise) and he asked us to speak on Mother's Day and to take the topics that we were already given and to give them a Mother's Day twist. As if it were like adding a lemon to a drink. We then, made our way over to a sister who was handing out free chocolate chip cookies. She graciously gave us the rest of the half-full bag (I'm an optimist).

Overall, the day was somewhat interesting, but we need that from time to time.

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