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Saturday, April 19, 2008

First things first

So, here we begin. I've been wanting to start a blog to have a place where I could keep in touch with friends and also so we can still know what's continually going on in each other's lives. What else can you expect for someone who was raise in such a small community, where if everyone doesn't know what you are up to, then someone in the chain must have either gotten sick, moved, or died. There is the slight possibility that they could have been living under a rock, but even then I don't think that would prevent them from retrieving the news somehow.

I digress. There is still the point of updating everyone on our lives. We've married a grand total of three whole weeks. And what wonderful weeks they have been. We came home from the honeymoon, almost completely rested and not looking forward to the next day full of responsibility and work. That night we opened the wonderful gifts we received from the reception. It's still remarkable to me how generous so many have been and how blessed we continue to be.

The following week was very busy and were hardly left with any time to take care of the mess that we gave birth to whi
le unwrapping gifts.

Saturday, we decid
ed since there were so many boxes from gifts and other garbage, we would have a little fire. Okay, so it wasn't small, but it was definitely HOT! We couldn't stand 10 feet from the blaze and not feel the heat emanating from the flames. It was quite exciting, but, as Ty informed me previous to our pyro-mania, it would not be fore roasting marshmallows, to my utter disappointment.

That day, I did manage to unload all the appliances that were given and find homes for them all. Our house is really starting to have that domestic touch. However, even after all the hard work that was put in, we still had quite a bit to clean up. On Wednesday Ty ended up not going into work, so put forth his efforts elsewhere and did a tremendous job in organizing the "leftovers". All that was left was my portion of things that were brought over when I moved in. Thursday, I took the opportunity (not having many massage appointments), to claim back our living room. I can't say that it's completely finished, just a few things here and there, but at least we have room to stretch our legs if we feel so inclined. Not much else is different. We still have yet to have our first fight. Everyone keeps telling us that it will definitely happen, so we are somewhat anticipating that event......okay, not really. We try very hard to communicate so that we both can see the other's point of view and we're just flat out to lazy to argue. Lol. I hope this has been an enjoyable post for everyone and that we can keep up the work, whether it be good or bad. ;)


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogs. I'm still Jenny D, huh? Actually, I believe I am, the one, the ONLY, Jennifer Justesen! (mwahahaha;).

  2. Congrats you two... glad to hear you survived the honeymooon... we haven't heard from you! We love you and are proud of your temple marriage. See you soon! David and Lynnette

  3. Congrats again guys! We missed you this weekend and we brought your present that we forgot when we came for the wedding. Hope things continue to go well. Chad and I still have yet to have a fight and it's been two years, so it may never happen.

  4. Aren't blogs fun? I'm so happy to read what you guys are up to! I guess I'll be seeing you though in church each week as well!!


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