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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Shower

      The weekend after New Year's I had my baby shower in Moses Lake and had so much fun seeing everyone and drinking Hot Cocoa!  Ty and I came early to help my mom set up and I wish I would have gotten pictures of the Hot Chocolate Bar.  I couldn't wait to delve into that.  After it was all done, Ty hid away with his book.  This was a girl party after all.  :)

      The first game we played was actually for everyone as they walked in, "Guessing Baby's Due Date".  For the record, she has a name and I've told people, but I just hate giving it away for some reason.  After she is born, I'll post it with her announcement, but until then I'm not posting it on here just yet.


After almost everyone made their guesses.

      This might have been the most fun for me, I think, because we aren't sharing the actual due date with anyone other than my mom (and even then I didn't tell her until after the shower was over).  People keep asking me and I'm not budging.  I will say that someone did guess on her due date so it will be interesting to see if they are right.  I think I'll share the date after I have her, as well.  When she is born, I'll send a prize to the person who was able to guess the date right, if anyone has.  If I go into labor and have her the next day, I'll see about doing a second place prize.

      The next game was to make a baby out of play-doh.  Mine was an epic failure and I immediately disqualified myself from the competition, especially after seeing everyone else's masterpieces.  They certainly put mine to utter shame.  

      I was seriously in the presence of some amazing creative workers here.  It only solidified my lack of ability to be crafty.  They were all presented to me to be judged and I had a hard time choosing, but in the end I couldn't deny that the best one was made by my friend Clare.  Not only did she make the baby, but she gave her a diaper, a bumbo, a bow, a rattle, AND a little ducky!!!  Amazing!

      Our last game was a trivia of Old Wives Tales about pregnancy.  For instance, if you are carrying the baby high you're having a ______?.   We all set to work trying to figure out if the answers were boy or girl. 

      Grandma Robbins was the winner with 12 our 15 right, but the gift was all chocolate and since she's not a fan, she kindly gave it to me.  Yes please!!  After the games, we headed over to the kitchen to put together our hot chocolate with any of the mix-ins to drink with cookies and treats.  Yum!  We all had fun chatting and reconnecting, but after awhile it was time for presents.  I was really blessed with some wonderful things and I'm so grateful to everyone who came and gave us much needed items.  My favorite gift, though, was definitely the one from my grandma because it was a handmade quilt that I know she put a lot of effort into and was told later that it was one of the last she would make, as it's become difficult for her to do.  I love my grandma and her quilts.  (The pictures are kind of blurry.  I think they were taken a little too fast. :) )

      When it was all said and done, it was time to clean up and go home.  I was so glad to see everyone and make this last excursion before baby girl is born.  Once everyone had left and it was time to put gifts in the car, I wasn't sure how we were going to do it.  Our car isn't meant for transporting a lot of things.  However, if you know Ty, then you know he's is a master packer and a Tetris King.  He somehow managed to compact everything into a box one of the gifts came in and several of the gifts bags.  To top it off, it all managed to fit in our back seat.  Incredible!

      Again, I'm so grateful for everyone who has contributed something to us and our daughter.  We are truly loved and blessed.  I can't wait for our little lovebug to be born and dress her up in the cute outfits she has acquired.  Certainly, our baby will be once of the best dressed around.


  1. Oh yeah, I make an awesome play dough baby! ;) Lets just hope I make an awesome real baby too. Hehe. I'm glad we got to go to your shower and can't wait to meet the little girl.

    Also, I kind of got a kick out of Suzette's expressions in the back of your gift pictures. :D

  2. Aren't baby showers just amazing?! I'm so excited for you! It looks like it was fun, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! And I'm so excited for you to meet your sweet baby girl!

  3. Looks like fun! How exciting to get all ready for your little girl!!


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