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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pregnancy Sleep

      Since the very beginning of my pregnancy, I've had issues with getting a comfortable and good night's rest.  Now that I'm well into my second trimester (how crazy is that?!), it really hasn't improved.   In fact, it has progressed in the negative direction.  Laying in a comfortable position is more difficult to come by.  I'm used to lying on my back to begin with and then naturally move around during sleep.  Starting out on my side isn't so much of an issue, however staying that way is.   My tummy isn't the only thing getting bigger and my front is being pulled forward.  This causes a lot of stress and tension in my upper back, shoulders, and neck.  Headaches are a frequent morning visitor that can sometimes last well into the day.   My hips, though they have be much better as if late, can only be comfortable with my body pillow between my legs.  Ty is not a fan of this practice as it tends to invades our cuddle space. :)  I just love him.  Another thing that has helped my hips is putting an egg shell mattress pad under the sheets.   A much cheaper solution to getting a new mattress.

      Nightly bathroom breaks will often interrupt my sleep cycle.  I try to get my daily amount of water in before it gets too late to avoid too many of those.  This seems to help, but I think my mind believes I still needs to go because I'll wake up for no reason.   And I'll stay that way for at least an hour, even though I still feel tired.  Isn't it annoying when you are so tired and even though you try to relax and fall asleep, and nothing happens?

      The last thing that has had a negative effect on my sleep is the crazy pregnancy dreams.  It didn't really come into play until the last couple of weeks.  The most horrific, and probably the most memorable unfortunately, would make a great horror flick as it involved a serial killer who cut off his victim's faces*.  Luckily, he was apprehended in the end, but the feelings of fear were still so strong when I woke up that I seriously couldn't move.   Others have been just as crazy, if not as gory.  I expect it will only continue. Um, hooray?

      I hope this didn't come across as complaining.  Rather as documentary.   Mostly, it's all very interesting to me what our bodies go through during pregnancy.   Physically as well as mentally.  To balance out my lack of sleep during the night, naps are a nice little comfort.  It's my favorite and can happen at any time of the day.  Regardless, of my sleeping patterns, the best part about lying down is that is when I feel our little girl the most.  So all in all it's good.

*Later that day on the radio they were talking about scary movies and they mentioned one called "Strangers", where a guy cuts peoples' faces off. Creeeeeeeeeepy!


  1. I have been having crazy pregnancy dreams, and they are the worst! I think you are completely allowed to talk a little about how hard it is to get a good night's rest when you are pregnant. Hopefully, Ty isn't losing sleep as well. The tossing and turning (in addition to the many bathroom breaks) keeps Nathan awake, too. Poor guy.

  2. oh man the pregnancy dreams are the worst. also have you tried taking a unisom to help you sleep better? it might be worth the question to your midwife. good luck, and i hate to tell you the sleeping only gets worse! by the end I am usually up every hour having to go potty.

  3. I'm so sorry! Tiffany is right tho unfortunately it will probably only get worse. Unisom helped a lot during my first two pregnancies but with this pregnancy it seems to actually knock me out at first but wake up in the middle of the night WIDE awake. So hopefully maybe that will work for you! I actually have been sleeping pretty great so far this time around thanks to my body pillow. That thing is a life saver! Good luck with everything. While pregnancy is so fun in some ways.. there are definitely some not so fun things!

  4. Your body is waking you up in the middle of the night for "no reason" for an hour at a time to prepare you for when your little girl does the same once she arrives! :) I didn't see what you said as complaining, but definitely focus on all the positives of pregnancy... I miss it, and later, when you are no longer pregnant, you won't remember all the bad things about it... why else would people do it over and over again?! ;)

  5. I think the pregnancy dreams are insane. Mine have been the most off the wall, ridiculous things and Brent only laughs when I tell him about them. Most of the time I'm laughing, too! haha

    As of late, I have been waking up with my hands asleep. The tingling goes away after shaking them to get the blood flowing. I thought I may just be a freak so I looked it up. I guess a lot of people have sleepy hands when pregnant. Who knew?


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