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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Midwife Appointment at 21 Weeks

     First thing she asked was about my weight, which is in the good range since I was able to loose weight at the beginning of the pregnancy.  However, I really need to take control of my "cravings" and not surrender to the lovely, yummy quick food that tempts me so.  She asked if I was able to feel the baby move and I happily answer yes.  I've sort of nicknamed this girl a "Vampire Baby" because I feel her most at night and almost never during the day.  So, I've come to the conclusion that she will be nocturnal and suck the living energy from me, thus "Vampire Baby".  It's cool, I still love her.  :)  Feeling her move is definitely a highlight for me.  She has yet to grow large enough to be able to find my ribs and other areas that will cause discomfort so this is the time to truly get the most enjoyment out of her wiggles.  Though, I have to confess, I hope to still find just as much joy when she's using my insides as her personal gym because it means she's alive and using her growing muscles.

     Next, we discussed my prenatal vitamins, which have been a source of tummy trouble for me.  Through the power of Facebook I was given lots of suggestions and tips and gummies were the popular choice.  I had bought some and taken them for two days and for some reason, I didn't think to check for it, but my midwife pointed out they don't have iron in them.  Since I'm somewhat predisposed to anemia I'd rather not risk getting a more serious case.  I tried taking the regular ones today in between soup and crackers, however, that didn't work out and I quickly ran for the bathroom.  If I can't find another alternative, I might just go with either Flintstones or some vitamins my midwife can prescribe to me.

     She briefly discussed the Anemia and Glucose test and what's involved with those as well as the birthing classes which will take place at our home.  Most likely, I'll be taking the test a week or two before Thanksgiving.  Oh how I hope the holidays don't turn on me (or rather I don't use the holidays to turn on myself).  The birth classes will happen about 29-30 weeks.  I'm excited for those, because it means I don't have to go anywhere.  :)

     Once again, blood pressure was taken and all is well.  She felt for baby and found her pretty quickly.  When we tried to get her to move and wiggle, she did what she did during the ultrasound, stayed put.  She moves for no one.  She's as stubborn as her mother.  I was measured and was measuring at 21 weeks, so right on.  This time finding her heartbeat, took milliseconds and it was loud and strong.  That's my girl!

     My personal goals until the next visit are to eat better (that's always true) and to find a good sustainable solution for prenatal vitamins.  And feel Baby Girl more.  Which isn't so much a goal as it is a desire.

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  1. My baby pretty much only moves at night, too! As I'm getting further along, I'm feeling her more during the day but night seems to be her time to shine. And I'm loving it! :)


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