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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guess Our Baby's Gender!

     Alright ladies and gents, the time is fast and soon approaching.  Our ultrasound appointment is in two weeks and we are both very anxious to find out the gender of our first born.  We really had to consider if we wanted to get an ultrasound at all because they are expensive and I feel like everything is fine.  However, it's really important to us to find out the gender.  Translate:  I don't want to wait my entire pregnancy to find out or I'll go insane with curiosity.  I'm not very good with patience.  So ultrasound it is! 

     We let our midwife know that we wanted the ultrasound and she put in the request to Tri City Radiology.  Once her receptionist called to tell me the request was in, I called to make an appointment.  I want to make sure that we give it enough time so "everything" is visible, so I made the appointment for after I'm 20 weeks.  I'll be almost 21 by the appointment so I think that will, hopefully, work out well. 

     Now is the time for you to make your guess.  You'll see on the right sidebar of the blog (those of you who are reading this from Facebook or email will have to come to the actual blog to see it:, I've posted a poll for you to make your guess.  Do you think we'll be like my family and have a Boy first?  Will we join the majority of Ty's brothers and have a Girl first?  Or will the little one be too shy and leave it's gender undisclosed?  What's your guess?  I have a feeling, but I ain't sayin'.  When I asked my sweet little niece, Sammy, what she thinks I'm having her reply was, "Ummm, I think it's a boy, because boys come out first."  Hahahahahaha!  When I reminded her that her oldest cousin is a girl, she still stick to her guns and said, "Yeah, but I think boys come out first."  Which is pretty much the truth in the Justesen family for my brothers.  So we shall see.  :)  And to be honest, whether boy or girl, we will love this baby so much and will be so happy.  We feel so blessed and I'm constantly amazed each day that I'm still going.  It's amazing and truly a miracle in our hearts. 


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