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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dieting During Pregnancy

    Remember how I lost 40 pounds?  It...was...AWESOME!  However, loosing weight isn't exactly on the menu for now.  My priorities have shifted to making sure I'm gaining the proper amount of weight for me and my baby.  As of late, I feel like I'm faltering.  While I realize that I won't be able to be perfect with this, I'm still concerned with eating the best things to keep us both healthy.  After making such a huge effort and commitment to lose all that weight, I don't want to throw it to the wayside and end up gaining too much weight.  That would mean it was all a waste and I'd be setting myself up to repeat what I already have done.  Perhaps even starting from a heavier weight.  So, I decided to go at it again with my food/diet blog.  You can view my plans here.  There will be no trying to lose weight, though I will be counting calories to keep myself in check.  As I posted on my other blog.  Recipes, encouragement, and words of wisdom and all welcome. 

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