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Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Movie List

I have this thing.  I watch movies in preparation for holidays.  If I don't, the celebration simply doesn't feel complete.  These movies get me excited and somewhat giddy.  I love the anticipation it creates.  Also, it keeps me entertained.  I like this.  : )
For the most part these movies are always the same each year, but a few newbies can be thrown in there to shake things up a bit.  When creating the list, I actually hit a little bit of a wall at times.  A LOT of movies produced for Halloween are rated R.  Apparently, most people, in the movie concocting business, feel that in order to make a movie appropriately scary it must be full to the brim of gruesome details, foul language, and even varying nudity.  I like being a bit freaked-out-of-my-jammies scared at times, but I also have standards that I don't feel are worth pushing past just for entertainment's sake.  Not gonna do it.  And no manner of movie is gonna make me.  So there.

So without further ado, here is my PG-13 and below Halloween Movie List:

The Ring (Netflix)
The Ring 2 (Netflix)
Hocus Pocus (Own)
Edward Scissorhands (Borrow from Ma & Pa Robbins)
Spaced Invaders (Buying)
The Burbs (Netflix Instant)
Ghostbusters (Own)
Ghostbusters 2 (Own)
Nightmare before Christmas (Own)
Casper (Netflix)
The Witches (Own)
Beetlejuice (Netflix Instant)
The Sixth Sense (Netflix Instant)
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow [Made for TV movie] (Netflix)
The Others (Netflix)
What Lies Beneath (Netflix)
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (Netflix Instant)
Addams Family (Netflix)
Addams Family Values (Netflix)
Clue (Own)
Ernest Scared Stupid (Netflix)
Labyrinth (Own)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Own)
The Mummy (Own)
The Mummy Returns (Own)
Goonies (Own)
The Covenant (Own)
Ghost Rider (Own)
Private Eyes (Own)
The Skeleton Key (Own)

What do you think?  What others do you suggest?

For the record I don't really count The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown a movie.  It's an episode.  It's only 25 minutes long.  It's bound to be shown on ABC, per annual tradition.  I'm not worried.
 As you can see, I've made sure to locate each movie.  Luckily, we own most of these.  Also, the great amount of Netflix Instant movies make me giddy.  Amazingly, people get awfully greedy when it comes to movies during the Halloween season.  My goal is to get all of the regular Netflix movies finished earlier on, so I won't have the "Very Long Wait" sitting next to the movie title.  I've had that problem quite a bit in previous years with Hocus Pocus.  But my mommy bought it for me for Christmas, so I'm solid on that one.  A Halloween movie for Christmas?  Is that blasphemous?  Meh, whatevs.


  1. I love the movie clue...but that's as halloween as I get. halloween is my least favorite poor kids and husband!

    oh P.s. My mom bought one of those chocolate strawberries on a skewer, but i didn't have one...wasn't feeling it i guess, i am not a huge chocolate lover, i gotta be in the right mood! But my kidlets sure scarfed them down so I know they were good!

  2. Pet cemetary!!! :)
    Kinda scary, but if you like scary movies I think it's a great one for halloween.

  3. Dr. Suess's Halloween is Grinch Night?

  4. I think I hate Halloween for the same reason you love it! Those scary movies make me unable to sleep and I can't stand it! But hooray for people who do like them.


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