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Monday, October 11, 2010

Do You Know What Month It Is?

October.  Yes, you're all very smart.  It's also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  GO PINK!

But how many of you know that it's also Domestic Violence Awareness Month?

I'll admit I hadn't realized it until an e-friend of mine wrote a little bit about her experience.  It made me realize (1) how lucky I am to have never experienced this and (2) how my heart truly goes out to those who have.  I don't want to downgrade the importance of Breast Cancer research or demote those who are suffering because of this disease (or the suffering of the family and friends close to them).  However, how many opportunities do we get to help RIGHT NOW?  There's a site that I go to that I get coupon updates and such from.  Last week, they made a post about doing something for those who have experienced domestic violence.  Basically, a group of women in the Tri-cities, who were looking for a way to give back, contacted the Domestic Violence Services of Benton & Franklin Counties.  On October 16th from 10AM - 1PM at the Albertson's in Richland (on Lee Blvd.) they will be collecting a number of items to fill buckets with.  

It's important to recognize that when these women leave their homes, they leave with little to nothing and need EVERYTHING.  Here's the list given in the email from the post.
"Things they are looking for donations for:

Bathroom cleaners
Soft Scrub
Dishwashing soap
Bath soap
Toilet bowl cleaner
Rubber gloves
Paper towels
Toilet paper.
Additional needs include:  furniture polish, carpet cleaning supplies, laundry soap, bleach, fabric softener, and personal care products for women and children.  Each bucket contains at least 10 products and they have already purchased 50 buckets to fill. So let’s all come and donate so we can fill all 50 of these buckets!"

I'm not going to try and guilt trip any of you into helping with this because that's not what I'm about and frankly, I shouldn't have to.  However, I would like to ask anyone who can help to please do so.  There are a few of you in the Tri-cities who are close by and it won't take much to come here and offer even just a little bit.  I know there's a good amount of you in Moses Lake, Othello, and other towns within driving distance.  Maybe make a trip up here for the day, drop off your items, and then go off and enjoy some time at the mall or going out to eat at a restaurant you don't typically enjoy in your area.

Maybe it's the combination of my friend's recent sharing of her experience and the post from the coupon blog, but I feel very strongly about this cause and helping where I can.  I hope many of you will read this post and the other and feel there is something you can give.

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