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Monday, June 21, 2010

Walking for Workouts

I love going for walks.  It's now become embedded in my soul.
Luckily we moved to an area where the trails are abundant and beautiful.  Before we got here, my friend Suzette moved to Pasco and wanting to find some walking areas of her own, she ended up finding some great spots that area really great.

This is part of the trail in Pasco that we take.
It's right next to the river and has a great view.
Now that it's Spring, flocks of geese come and enjoy being close to the water....and pooping all over the trail.
At the mid-point, where we turn around and go back, there's a cow.  As I was approaching, he gave me a lingering stare that I admit, made me nervous.  ; )
You can see it's still kinda desert-y, but it runs along quite a few homes and two parks. 

Going the other way (toward the Blue Bridge) there are more homes and parks and the view is just amazing.

The other trail we like to take is in Richland.  Again, this one runs next to the river and there are a lot of residences and businesses along it.  I think this one is just a little bit nicer than the Pasco trail, but don't tell it I said that.
Seriously.  Look at that view.  

I recently did a walk on the Columbia River Trail between the two bridges, in Kennewick.  The land portion wasn't too impressive, but just looking out on the water is really great.  I also crossed the connecting area to Clover Island (really close to the Cable Bridge).  It was really cool to see.  

These trails are a lot of fun and a good workout.  It's so great that I can go to all of these different places and work on getting in shape and enjoy doing it.

Anybody know of other great trails in Tri-cities?  Let me know.


  1. I love walking too! There's a great trail by our place. I recently tried Stroller Strides, which was a lot of fun! You'll have to do that when you have a kiddo, because it's pretty cool and a good workout! :)

  2. When we come for the reunion, you and I can walk while all the other sisters-in-law run. I much prefer a leisurely stroll :)


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