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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Food Journal

I've had quite a few friends start weight loss journal blogs and I've been thinking of doing the same.  Then this morning, my friend Jenna, over at, shared her new food diary blog.  She takes pictures of everything she eats and posts it, as well as the calories she's burned.  I was more motivated by this idea because it would be so much easier to just post a picture and not write all about how much weight I have or haven't lost.

Putting up what I eat and showing everyone what I eat (good or bad) will give me motivation to eat right.  I'll also have the motivation to be active by showing how many calories I've burned.  I'll even share recipes for those recipes that anyone finds appealing.

So, for all of those who would like to keep me accountable, my food journal blog is:



  1. You have to be diligent to take pictures of everything! Good work. And that apple looks yummy!

  2. I can't let people know what I eat every day!!!!


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