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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Decor for da house Part 1

I love holidays. I love them so much I try to decorate my house in accordance with each holiday as it comes along. In my Grandma J's house she has a little square frame that hangs on the wall. Inside of the frame there's a little peg and holds a different symbol for the upcoming holiday. I decided that I would try this on a larger scale.

I've already shown you how crazy I go for Christmas.

Now, I'd like invite you into my home again and show how it looked around Valentine's Day (a little late I know :( ) . . . . . . . . . . . .

The book adds just a little touch of red....
The Frog is a favorite. Ty's V-day gift from me last year. He sings ("croaks") "Somebody to Love". I love HIM!
Don't you love my little Love Gorilla.

Yes those are swords. My Father-in-law is working on a display unit for them. Not very child friendly at the moment. Haha, but they do love to ask us to look at them when they come over. Cutest thing in the world is when our little nephews (5 and 6 or 7) get to "Oooooo"ing and "Awwwwww"ing over them when we pull out the sword they ask to see. Little boys are so adorable.
Hehe. You can see me!

I also wanted to show you what I've got up this month.....

Now just in case you all were thinking that I'm incredibly rich and have the money to go crazy like this.......WRONG!!! Thank heaven for the Dollar Tree. I bought all of my Feb., March, and April decor (and some of my Christmas) for about $35 total (that includes Christmas). I love that store! However, you can see the selection for St. Patrick's Day was pretty slim. I was pretty disappointed. I don't consider myself crafty, mostly because I'm not, but I might have to and come up with a Pot of Gold or a Rainbow or another little Leprachaun. Most things you find have to do with the drinking aspect. But that's just something the country is famous for, it's not what the holiday is all about. Maybe, I should get some toy snakes!

St. Patrick's Day is also my parents annieversary, so we liked to go all out on that day (or at least the Sunday before. Cornbeef and cabbage. Green Kool-aid (one time we even died the milk green....didn't change the taste, but looked a little weird). And Mint desserts! I don't think we'll do Cornbeef and cabbage in our family. Let me know if you have any Irish meal suggestions!

Part 2 I'll show you a little more of the house and I'll be taking any suggestions. :)


  1. Cute decorations! I love the Dollar Tree too! I don't go all that often, but when I do I love looking around and finding great finds. Yum MINT dessert. I love it!

  2. OOOo very cute. You should make the Irish Bread from I haven't tried it, but the reviews look like it would be soooo yummy.


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