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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Becoming Christmas

Like most of us, I've eagerly been anticipating the arrival of Christmas. If it were just me I would have started listening to my wide array of holiday music at the beginning of October. However, out of courtesy for my dear husband I begin the minute after Thanksgiving. I love the whimsical feeling in the air. Everything simply feels better at Christmas than any other time of the year.

I decided that in preparation for our long awaited trip overseas, I would prepare my husband with a little mock German delight that is Leavenworth. Both of us have been there, but never together and I was by all odds determined to have this man eat a German meal previous to our arrival to the actual country. Granted you really won't find the originality anywhere unless you're talking about my momma's cooking (hmmmmmmmm), but I'll take whatever I can get.

We decided on the 6th, a Saturday, and last minute convinced my parents and younger brother to come along for the ride. Okay, so they actually provided the ride, but who's keeping track. :) After researching menus (and pricelists) and atmosphere, I decided on Andrea's Keller.

Proof that Ty will eat leafy greens.

On the way up we had some good conversation about my parents' experiences in Germany. Upon arrival to the mock German village we discovered only too late the excitement and utter pandemonium of the Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Ceremony. Cars lined the streets and parking lots, while mammoth buses lined the allyways. In my eagerness, I miscalculated the event and its apparent magnitude. People from all over come to see this event. In all seriousness though, all it is is a bunch of buildings turning on their Christmas lights at the same time. THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!! All the hallabaloo for that! What do you think? Is it worth all the hype?

The trip was chaos, trying to get around, but all in all a sucess. Especially since the night ended with a short trip to the beloved Cold Stone Creamery, where Ty and I indulged in a nice little helping of Birthday Cake remix. Yummmy!!!!

In order to get ready for the holidays, I find it completely necessary to decorate the humble abode in which we dwell. When I was still living at home, I took the utmost pleasure in placing ornaments on the tree and little knick-knacks around the house. After becoming married, this would not be terminated.

The Living Room
Extension of the Living Room
This is hanging just above the couch. Would you believe that all these little decorations only cost me $3.00!
The End Table next to the couch.
And finally, our Christmas Tree. That thing hanging in the corner is our Countdown Chain that I made.

I think these are the first pictures I've put up of the inside of the house. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do when Christmas is over and I have to move some things back. I told Ty that house was built for Christmas. If only I could keep my home like this all year long.

My boss and his wife also like to decorate the office for this special time of year.

Now that the Stockings are hung by the chimney with care,
it soon will be time for us to be in the air.
Flying over mountains, and cities, and cars, and seas,
in hopes of my grandparents' hearts to please.
Our presence shall long be awaited,
and after so many years far too belated.
We'll slip and we'll slide on the Autobahn we'll go
and to make matters worse it will probably snow.

I hope that with your gifts you will all be delighted
and your Christmas spirit renewed and your hearts ignited.

For the greatest gift of all is the gift of giving,
To help someone on their way in this life we are living.
Find the real meaning of Christmas and take it to heart
And this year at Christmas make a new start.
Think in your minds, "What would the Savior Do?"
I promise now it will be the greatest thing for them and for you.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


  1. Jenny! I didn't know you had a blog. Here's mine-

    I'm not so good at facebook. But I love blogging.

    Let's keep in touch!

  2. I enjoyed your little wall decorations and your tree looks great. Leavenworth is great isn't it. That's where we went for our honeymoon. Merry Christmas!


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