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Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm offically a grown up!

There are very few things I depended upon my parents for as far as money is concerned. I always wanted to be independent and prove that I could do things on my own. However, I won't lie to you and say it wasn't nice to have certain things taken care of.

When I turned 17, and after working for my dad's business and working to get good grades in school, I received my first (and only so far) car. A '98 Ford Escort SE in Red. Because I had worked hard to get good grades and was working for my dad's company for basically nothing, my parents took care of insurance, registration, and gas. I will always be grateful to them for that.

When I went moved out, my parents still took care of insurance and registration, but I took on the little bill of fuel. Baby steps. Once I got married, I took an even bigger plunge and took on the insurance. Now, the registration was supposed to still be good until this month. However, the stupid little '09 sticker fell off and I got pulled over a few times. They saw the registration was still good, but strongly advised me to get it renewed since it was coming up anyway. Well, it was decided that I would take the final step to being an actual grown up and take over all responsibility for the car. Yup! I DID IT!! My mommy and daddy don't pay for anything husband does now. Haha, just kidding. We both do. In any case, the Title is offically in my name.

I've had this baby for 7 YEARS!!! Can you believe that?! My sweet "Lady in Red".
My new License Plate. "YUM", seriously? Haha.

This is the very 1st dent my car ever saw. The very first day I got it (on my birthday), I drove my family to church and when we came out we saw this! Seriously?! Someone hit their door on my brand new car. Not very spiritual.

This is the 2nd dent. One day it was really windy and I had my car parked in its usual spot at the time, under the basketball hoop. The thing fell over on my car and left this. I didn't take a picture of it, but the black strip is actually pushed out further down.

This is from last year when the 87 year old man ran me off the road. Yeeeeah, that was fun. His wife didn't like me much when I would call trying to get it taken care of.

This one actually kind of annoys me. This happened in the Seminary building parking lot, after Institute. I'm still waiting for someone to fess up. (I know, I wait in vain.) You can see they dented the door too, so whenever I open that door it makes a nice sound. Have you notice that most of these dents happen in church or church-like locations? Hmmm. Somebody should be repenting.

This is the most recent. I noticed this when we got home from Germany. Not there previous to the trip and now this thing is there, proving that I'm some kind of cursed.

Now, I'm guessing that if you've gotten this far, you're asking yourselves, "Why don't you get these things fixed?". Well, money people. Especially, the big dent that got part of the door. I wasn't working at the time and didn't have any income to speak of. And at this point I've had so many problems with internal engine and such, that I'm just waiting to give it's last breath. Either that, or Ty get's his car paid off and we can buy another car and get rid of this one. Don't get me wrong. I love my 'lil Red, but it's become unreliable. I don't take it farther than Othello, and even that's stretching it. So, one day the Lady will give up the ghost and I'll get one of these:
Until then. It's just put-putting along with the Lady in Red.


  1. Good for you! Yeah isn't it nice when our parents will help us out. Being a grownup is hard, but I guess it has it's good things too.

  2. Is there anything as lovely as your first car? Mine only lasted a year or so, because it was such a piece of junk, and my parents HATED it (they bought it) but I loved it because it was all mine.

  3. Oh my goodness I totally know how that goes, I totally have a beat up red car myself! Best of luck with the mini van pursuit!


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