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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Germany: The Marvelous thing called FOOD!

This is probably going to be my favorite post. Mostly because there's a good chance I'm going to be salivating the entire time I write this.

We ate out a good few times while on our trip. It was great to see how they do it differently with meals and such. There were some downsides. For instance (Jenna you'll remember this from Poland), they normally don't get a drink at dinner, unless you're eating out and they'll ask you. However, they don't start you out with water. And if you want water, make sure you asked for "Stille (schtill-a) Wasser (vasser)". Then, they'll bring out to you a nice glass bottle full of delicious UN-carbonated water. Oh, and you don't get refills. If you want another, you have to ask and you pay for it. I almost wanted to tell them, "Go to the cupboard, get a glass, go to the sink turn on the cold water, place the glass under the water until the glass is full and bring it back to me." The tap water was just fine, but for some reason these people have a fasination with carbonated water. Ewwww! My grandparents even have a device that puts the carbonation into their water.

Moving on, when you go out to eat there, their restaurants are called, "Rothaus". This particular one is in Triberg.

To start things off, I went with a Hot Chocolate, since we had just come in from walking around in the freeeeeeeeeezing cold. There used to be whipped cream on top, but I mixed it in because neither the Hot Chocolate or the cream were very good separately. However, you put them together and you come out with a nice combo.

Most of us decided to go with the Schnitzel. Now, for those that don't know, there are a couple of options for schnitzel. The one you will see most often, commonly referred to as "Wienerschnitzel", is the Schweinschnitzel.
This was consumed by many of us, on several different occasions throughout the trip. Especially, the lit'l 'ins. (side note: The lemon is a MUST. It gives a great flavor.)
This is a different version of the schnitzel at another restaurant we went to. The main differences are it's not breaded, it has a cream sauce, and you don't get Pommes Fritz (French Fries).Instead you get egg noodles, called "Spatzle".
Momma went for the sausage and potato salad. By the way, German Potato Salad is awesome. I normally don't prefer it unless it's made this way.

(Sigh), desserts. (hmmmmmmmmmmm). This is my favorite. After the meals we decided it was mandatory to get desserts. I'm really glad we did because we found some really wonderful delights. My Mutti (mommy) indulged in an old favorite for her, the Dampfnudlen. Don't be fooled by its appearance, it's actually quite delicious.
My sister-in-law and I were taking an awful lot of comfort knowing that by the end we were going to be scarfing this into our digestive systems.....little did we know....
If you read and understand the menu for the Schwarzwaldbecher you'll know what we were in for. This delicious treat was delicious indeed, but also contained another ingredient to make you more "relaxed". Alright, now this is where travelers who want to avoid breaking the Word of Wisdom should be sure to be careful. This is Germany for crying out loud. They love their alcohol. Make sure you find out before you order if there is alcohol in the desserts especially.
We began and notice after a few bites that the cherries had an odd flavor to them. Wanna know what it was? Kirchwasser, more commonly known to those in the states as SCHNAPPS!!!! We henceforth discontinued the intake of the cherries. Haha, we felt good that night. Just kidding. ;)

The next time we went out to eat and order desserts, we made sure not to make the same mistake. This dish is simple vanilla ice cream, with whipped cream, a wafer and behind the ice cream lies the answer to all your problems. Hot fudge. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It even made the whipped cream taste good. Whipped cream is so incredibly bland because they don't add sugar to it. They certainly need an upgrade.

Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of some of the very best food we had. If I had taken pictures of them you would have seen:
The Christmas feast my Opa prepared
The bakeries on every corner which contained:
Delicious Cheese Rolls
A variety of other donoughts
and a new favorite Schocoladabanannen (two long cookies on top of each other and a banana on top of that, covered in silky smooth chocolate, yeah I'm a fan).

Instead I'll have to leave you with......

The ridiculous amount of chocolate we brought home with us. Yes, we had one suitcase specifically for chocolate alone. This picture really makes me happy. :)

So, now I'm done with my recap of Germany. I hope you all enjoyed.

What foreign places did you travel? What did you love most about them?


  1. Mmmm....Ritter Sport! They are my FAVORITE chocolate in the world. We can get them at Target here! :D


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