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Friday, May 31, 2013

Anna's First Trip to a Hospital

      On the 19th we went over to some family's house for dinner (Ty's cousin Darcy and her family).  We had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with everyone.  When we left we noticed there were these hives (we called them welts because we had no idea what they were at the time) on the back of her neck.  After we said goodbyes and started putting her in the car we noticed one under her left eye.  I looked back at her while we were driving after a few minutes and it was getting puffier and there were more popping up on her face and head.  I kept watching her and she was continuing to get worse.  Fast.  I couldn't help, but panic.  By the time we got back to our condo, she didn't even look like herself anymore.  We decided to head straight to the Emergency Room.  Luckily, her breathing was just fine, but the swelling and puffiness was progressing to quickly for us to not worry.

       It was funny to think that this was her very first time being in a hospital since she was born at home.  She was admitted right away and after talking with us and deciding the best course of action they treated her for an allergic reaction.  To what, we still don't know.  She didn't have anything that she's never come in contact before.  So for now it's a mystery.  When we disrobed her we were surprised to see that she was red all over and that the hives were on her legs and feet as well.  They gave her an Epinephrine shot, which was NOT happy about, and some benadryl.  She showed improvement immediately, but wanted to keep her for a couple of hours for observation.  They were all so kind and had a bunch of toys for her to play with and keep her occupied with.  She really was amazing and only further proved what an amazing child she is.

      It was after 10PM, and well after Anna's typical bedtime, before we were able to finally go home.  They referred us to an allergist and sent us home with prescriptions for a steroid as a preventative and a children's epi pen just in case something like this were to happy again.  This also included instruction to come back to the hospital if the epi pen needed to be used.  The next morning, after a good night's sleep, she was back to normal.  We gave her a dose of the steroids, but it only seemed to make her feel "slow".  Ty and I decided that she would be fine and we haven't noticed any issues since.  I'm just glad my little lady is okay.
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