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Friday, February 8, 2013

Anna turns 10 Months!

      My little munchkie unchkie is growing like a weed and I think it's about time I updated everyone.  We celebrated Thanksgiving and she was pretty adorable the day of.  In Othello we were able to to hang out with Nathan, Celia, and all their brigade.  Being around the twins inspires some kind of competitiveness in Anna like I don't usually see in her.  She starts hitting milestones faster from watching them and she surprises us often.  When I decorated for Christmas and put the tree up, she loved to look over at it from over the barrier.  I'm not sure what I'll do next year for our tree.  The one we have seems to be loosing it luster.  Who knows maybe I can finally convince Ty to buy a real one? There was one day where I went to Moses Lake to visit my brand new nephew and deliver my sister-in-law her birthday cake I made for her, leaving Ty alone with Anna for a full day.  The was the first time and he said he finally understood what I was talking about with our time consuming taking care of her can be.  She's definitely a full time job that's for sure.

Some things we are loving about Anna right now:

- We really need to make a video of the girl's diversifying laughs.  It's really so funny how finds new ways to show her amusement.  When she copies us when we laugh is the most fun game. However, she does like to laugh at what seems like just nothing or maybe herself sometimes.  I love hearing her giggle out of nowhere.

- She does this "turkey talk" that is so adorable and funny.  She wiggles her tongue and makes sounds and seriously sounds like a turkey gobble.

- Turning the pages to her books.  Still cute every time.

- Standing on her own is becoming a lot more common and she LOVES to have us hold her hands and walk around with her.  Nothing, I repeat, nothing makes her happier.  Of course, nothing makes her more upset when you stop too.  

- In that same spirit, on the night before she turned 10 months, she took her official first two steps on her own!  We were visiting in Othello because we thought Nathan and Celia might be moving before Christmas and wanted one more chance to hang out.  (Can you tell we just love these guys?)  Ty was in the Living Room with her and one of the twins.  He was holding her hands as she was standing and then let go to see if she would stand on her own, then she took two quick steps.  I couldn't believe it and couldn't stop doing the happy dance.  She's just growing up too darn fast.

- Her two front bottom teeth came in without a peep.  Our girl is a teething rock star!  When she smiles her big toothy grin I can't help get all happy inside and out. I know I'm biased, but I think she's the prettiest little lady.

Some things we aren't loving so much:

- Her eating is going to drive me nuts.  Right now, it's only fruits that she wants to eat.  I keep trying to offer veggies and sometimes we succeed, sometimes not so much.  Oh that girl.  

- The Rash.  We do have a ritual now.  Every morning and night we lotion her up good.  Every couple of days I have to cut her nails to keep her from cutting through the skin and bleeding.  Her feet are constantly a problem as well as her back.  I just want this to end.

- Changing her diaper is incredibly frustrating because she likes to take her legs and wrap them around your arms.  Getting dressed in general is a task because you can't seem to be bothered with sitting still and simply won't stand for anyone trying to make you. 

- I'm a paranoid first time mom.  It happens.  I always feel so cautious about her eating things that are not pureed, not knowing if it's too big.  So it seems that this situation was inevitable.  One day, while changing a poopy diaper, I notice something in her poo that looked different than the rest of it.  It looked solid.  I took it out with a wipe and finished her off.  When I cleaned it off I couldn't believe what I was looking at!  The thing was huge, but flexible.  Going out of character for myself, I took a picture and took to Facebook to see if anyone could identify these strange object.  I showed Ty and recruited his help after looking all over the house to figure it out.  Without even trying, he located the source of this thing.  The old school remotes for the Wii have these rubber tops on the joy sticks.  Ty, in an attempt to get to avoid eating on his controller, gave her one that he didn't like using, not knowing that the tops were able to come off.  Needless to say, I triple checked everything she could possible come in contact with.  And yes, I threw the top away.

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