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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Anna turns 8 Months!

      Once again, my little love bug is aged another month.  She's really just the bestest and sweetest little girl.  Sometimes I can't keep up with her constant changes.  The other day I went into the kitchen for a minute and when I came back it was like I was looking at a different baby.  The same, but somehow different.  She grows too fast.  When you guys figure out the cure for that, let me know.

      I'm trying my best to not be a helicopter parent, though Ty is much better at this than I am.  When she falls or bonks her head, he reminds me that we need to take our cues from her and not the other way around.  She feeds off of our reaction, so if we are calm, then so shall she be.  However, this is easier said than done for me.  Regardless, I'm trying to let her do her own thing.  I want her to feel free to take (safe) risks and not be afraid of trying something.  I'm the opposite of that too often and she shouldn't become that way because of my overprotectiveness.  Haha.  Is my mommy badge showing yet?

Newest Accomplishments:

-  She has been sitting up on her own now and she stays that way for awhile.  She'll grab a toy and just sit and examine it until something else catches her attention.

- My girl is a crawler! She seems so much happier now that she's able to get around on her own.  There were signs before, but the actual first crawl was on her 7 month mark.  She really likes to reach milestones on her monthly birthdays.  We made a barricade to keep her "contained", but Anna is a smarty and finds gaps to get through.

-  On the few occasions she's gotten through the weak side of the barricade, she's turned a bit of her attention toward our very steep stairs.  Even when she has mastered stair-climbing, I'm not sure I want her going up and down them.  I still have to pay attention so I don't fall and break my neck.  But I digress.  She's a pretty good climber.  She's reached six stairs (with either Ty or I behind her of course) before getting bored and trying to turn around. 

-  Her world expanded when she was finally able to pull herself up on things.  She likes to make her way around the barricade (the coffee table, couches, banana chair on it's side, and the entertainment center) and in her crib.  I'm really not excited about that last one.  The other thing she likes to pull herself up on is mommy and daddy.  We are the only means to get her to where she really isn't able to go yet. I get so excited every time I see her crawling towards me, thinking that she'll want to cuddle, only to have her get frustrated that I'm not picking her up and taking her to her desired destination.  Gets me every time.  Oh well.  I'll take what I can get.  

- She's finally holding the bottle on her own.  There seems to be a little too much distraction for her to be left to her devices though, so we still hold her while she holds the bottle.  I don't mind.  It's a good way to get some cuddles in.  

Some things we are loving about Anna right now:

-  She's such a happy girl.  The two of us have a fun little game that we like to play.  I'll laugh and she turn to look at me, smile and laugh right back, then go back to what she was doing.  This can go on for quite some time before she gets bored.

-  Finding new ways to tickle Anna and getting her to laugh is a favorite of both Ty and I.  There are the classics, like the armpits, sides, and tummy.  However, there's been a new discovery.  When Ty takes her hand or foot to his unshaven, prickly face and wiggles his chin, she lets out an adorable laugh.  

-  We finally made a breakthrough in naptime!!!  I couldn't think of anything else to do, so I consulted the Sleep Sense book since it worked so well before.  I looked up the nap time schedule that applies to her age.  Turns out, she didn't need as many naps and needed to have more awake time between naps and bedtime.  Once I started stretching out time between naps, suddenly life got so much better. 

- She talks and babbles quite a bit.  Mostly it's:  dada, nana, mama, baba.  However, there are some other cute little sounds that make it in there.  Those are little harder to convey.  :)  I don't consider them words though since she's not really making any kind of association with them. 

-  Her favorite toys are mommy's chunky jewelry (specifically a couple of necklaces and a bracelet) and hair.  Not her own of course, though it's starting to grow and get just tinsy bit thicker.  Mostly, it's my bangs or her daddy's when she gets a hold of it.

-  A few Sundays ago, she started clicking her tongue.  I would imitate her and she loves it.  It's like we are speaking the African clicking language with each other.  Haha.  

-  She's finally starting to understand how funny Peek-a-Boo is and that clapping is fun.  It's a great technique to get to calm down if she starts getting overly upset.

-  During her naptime and nighttime routines we always sing to her to get her ready for bed.  However, when she's awake I'm trying to come up with some fun songs to sing.  Her favorite right now is "Popcorn Popping".  I always make sure to do the actions that I learned in Primary to go along with it and she loves it.

Some things we aren't loving so much:

-  Solid foods are a little bit of a struggle still.  I don't want to force her because I want it to be her choice.  However, I know she's interested.  If we eat in front of her she stares at us and what we are eating and starts reaching for it.  Most of what we eat she's not ready for yet.  Though I did give her some hummus.  She didn't seem to enjoy the taste, but came back for more.  I broke down and gave her some Brown Rice Cereal and then started to introduce more variety and we are making progress.  In fact, she seems to enjoy listening to Weezer while she eats and that somehow calms her down enough to lean in for more bites.  What funny girl. 

- Now that she's getting more solids in her diet, her bowel movements have been quite STINKY!  They are definitely the least enjoyable task. 

-  Even if her diapers aren't stinky, sitting still is basically not happening during the changes.  We have to make sure she has some kind of toy to distract her beforehand.   That doesn't always make a difference sometimes.  She loves to kick her legs and run interference between my hands and the button snaps of her onesie or clothes.  Now that she knows she can move, she doesn't understand that that doesn't necessarily means she needs to.

-  This rash.  Oh this rash!  We continue to try different things to no avail.  The Yoreganics helps, but it's not a cure by any means.  She scratches so relentlessly and we put Caladryl on to help, but that only lasts so long.  We took her to see Ginger (She's also Anna's pediatrician) and she gave us some things to try, so we'll see.


  1. She is SO ADORABLE! I know you've probably already tried these ideas.. but Kate had a horrible rash when she was a newborn and we changed to free and clear detergents and fabric softeners and that helped a TON! I rewashed all her clothes and blankets to make sure it was all clear of the scented stuff and now that's all we use in our house to make sure she doesn't have a reaction. We also bought a bottle of lubriderm to rub into the rashes and it seemed to take the dryness away allowing it to heal and not be so itchy! They could be totally different types of rashes.. but just some things to try if you haven't already! Poor little girl. Hope you get that figured out fast!

  2. I LOVE that close up picture where you can really see her eyelashes. Beautiful! And I love your new banner at the top of the blog. Aren't naps funny. Sometimes I would get frustrated but them after making an adjustment, things got so much better and isn't life so much more manageable when you've had a break?? :) it's so great you're documenting everything so well. You'll be so glad you did. It's fun to look back later.

  3. She is so cute! I am so glad I got to see her cuteness today. As for the helicopter parenting, I could have written that exact paragraph! Nathan and I just discussed that topic today, and it is so true that they feed off of our reactions. It's so hard for me not to be a helicopter, though.

    Also, looking at the large picture of the rash on her back is so much different than looking at it on my phone. Anna is so lucky to have such attentive and wonderful parents. I know the rash will get better soon!

  4. Is the rash only on her back? I had a friend that had a little one that was allergic to tagless clothes. something with the writing on the clothing that gave her a reaction. do you think it could be something like that? I hope you can figure it out. it looks yucky. she is adorable!

    1. Unfortunately, no. It started on her head, then cleared that area and moved to her arms and a little on her feet. Now, it's on her back, shoulders, and still on her feet. I've started using Aveeno Eczema care lotion and bath wash and seems to be doing better, except for the area she can reach to scratch. I think if she could stop scratching it would be much better, but she doesn't really understand that yet.


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