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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Anna turns 4 Months

      I'm waaay behind in writing this.  As you can imagine, my life is crazy and Anna keeps me quite busy.  This leaves little time for much else.  Before you know it, she'll be 5 months!

      The problem with babies is that just when you have what makes them happy or calm or laugh figured out, they go and change the rules and they give you the look of confusion as if to say, "Mom, that's so last week.  I've moved on.  Get with the program."  However, once we do find the newest thing, the happiness is absolute.  Anna definitely keeps us on our toes.  It's just incredible how fast she's grown and quickly she's learned new things.  I swear she changes with every blink of an eye.

      After she rolled over just a few days shy of turning 3 months (on Mother's Day no less) she rolled a few more times that week and then decided she was done for awhile.  She would continue to roll to her side, but that's as far as she went and I didn't expect more than that.  Then after a few weeks, she apparently wanted to give it another try and we now can't put her down on the ground without her trying to roll over onto her tummy.  This makes diaper changes all the more difficult of course....especially poopy ones.  Blech! At first, she would roll over and remember how much she HATED tummy time and start freaking out.  So we'd put her on her back again, but just as quickly she would roll back to her tummy.  Every once in awhile we'd leave her there so she could get use to it, but my mommy guilt would kick in and I caved.  Soon, it wasn't that she didn't like being on her tummy so much as she was frustrated that her attempts at movement got her nowhere.  Well, at least not very far.  Her squirming consisted of her smacking her face down to the ground and wiggling her bum and legs.  Quite adorable, but not very effective.

      I'm afraid we must have sheltered out little lady love too much because when she encounters people  other than Ty and I, she gives them this blank stare as if she's sizing them up or wondering what the heck they are doing.  Every once in awhile she'll flash 'em a smile, but mostly they are reserved for mommy and daddy.  Don't get me wrong, I love being her favorite, but I don't want to her to be too shy around everyone.  Especially since she's so adorable, all need to be in on the fun she is capable of creating. 

      We decided to head to Moses Lake for Memorial Day weekend and that was probably the roughest time she's ever had.  Nap times were ridiculous and she hadn't been acting like our happy little girl for about a week.  Ty and I were stressed to the max.  On Monday, when we went home, we decided to stop in Othello for a bit to hang out with Ty's family.  At some point, something set this poor little girl off and she began a screaming fit that lasted the better part of 2-3 hours.  Ty's dad did some muscle testing for her and found a flood of things.  We decided to feed her early and she promptly fell asleep.  She was better the next day, but still a bit cranky.  However, that night I had developed a clogged milk duct and during a pumping session I became very sick, very quickly.  I earned myself a fever and took a hot bath to help relieve it.  I felt so out of it, but continued to pump more frequently than usual to get rid of the clog.  The clog lasted for about a week and a half and though it's gone, it helped lower my already insufficient supply, on the affected side.  It seems that that duct is now closed for business.  My supply did go back up, though it's still behind what she's eating.  Needless to say, I'm anxiously awaiting the 6 month mark.

Some things we are loving about Anna:

- Her smiles are a constant joy and getting her to smile is my favorite game.  I love that when she gets placed with someone else, she stares at me until we smile at each other.  It's like we have secrets jokes no one else knows.

- Her laugh.  Oh my goodness, the giggle fits she goes into are so fun and her laugh is contagious.  Daddy's still best at getting her to laugh and finding all her tickle spots, but I love listening in.  She loves when you laugh with her, it definitely helps to keep her going. 

- Sleep...pretty good.  Still 6-8 hours, sometimes more if we're really lucky.  We finally started putting her in her own bed at night and during nap times.  The first night I died a little on the inside.  I missed having her next to me so much and was worried I wouldn't be able to tell if she was okay.  I've gotten better, but I still miss waking up to her smile.  

- She has started really loving her tongue and sticks it out whenever she's happy and being goofy.  It's so funny. 

- She loves to do crunches.  She's a big fitness fanatic.  ;)  Just kidding.  She's really trying to sit up and loves it when I help her to sit up or stand. 

-This one isn't necessarily about her as much as it is this new stuff we've been using to treat her head (and now body) of the eczema.  It's called Yoreganics Bye Bye Balm.  Love it!  We saw results right away and it's not as greasy as the coconut oil alone.  We actually ran out and by the next day you could tell.  I definitely made sure to order more.

Some things we aren't loving so much:

- Though we love seeing her smile and laugh, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get her to do it on camera.  As soon as it's within her view, she's stops everything and just stares at this strange contraption pointed in her face.  Getting a picture of her smile or a video of her laugh is quite the accomplishment if it does happen.

- Baby throw up.  It's not awesome. 

-She sleeps well when she does sleep, but getting her there, at night in particular is just crazy.  She can be in her swing or her bouncer and have finally fallen asleep, then as soon as we pick her up, awake.  We put her in her swaddler and had to make sure not wake her then.  It's funny, we could be watching something and it could be loud, but she wouldn't wake up.  You lift her out of her swing and bam, she's awake.  Ugh.

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  1. I feel so lucky that I get to be her out. The tutu is SO CUTE I DIE!


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