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Monday, April 23, 2012

Anna's Blessing Day

      We decided to go to Moses Lake for her blessing so that the majority of family wouldn't have to travel.  Easter weekend gave us a great opportunity to have a bunch of family there and for them to meet our darling little love.  She was definitely a favorite and was loved by all.  She got passed around a little too much for my taste when I wasn't around, but she came out unscathed and never ended up getting sick so I can't complain too much. Her cousins LOVED her and couldn't wait to hold her.  Our nephew, Jacob, was really interested with her.  He has a younger sister now who is almost a year and I think he's is interested in these little being that are actually smaller than he is.  Here's a video of him trying to hold her.  He's so gentle and cute.

      Funny story about Jacob:  When I had gone into the other room to pump, I was of course covered, and he was in the room playing.  So, when I turned on the pump, he looked over at me and asked, "What is that?".  I told him it was a machine that helped me make milk for the baby.  Well, that got him all kind of interested and he wanted to see how this worked.  I lifted the cover just enough for him to see the milk dropping into the bottle and he LOVED it.  He would lay his head down on the couch so he could just hang out and watch it drip.  When his mom came in the room he ran over to her, pointed to me, and said, "Mommy, she's making choclat milk for da baby!".  Haha!

      We actually managed to get to the church a little early and I noticed the bishop wasn't there and wondered if the counselors were aware of the blessing.  I figured they would at least be able to figure it out since there we were with a brand new baby in a white blessing dress.  We waited  and realized they didn't know.  During Sacrament, my mom wrote on the back of a small flyer letting them in on our plan and it was sent up.  He gave my dad a nod and we thought were good to go.  Then, towards the end of the Sacrament Ty took Anna out to be changed since there was a stinky surprise in her diaper and that wasn't something we wanted to leak out onto her dress.  Both of our moms asked me where he was going since they would be doing the blessing soon.  I didn't think it would take long, but apparently he had to change her onsie (the dress was fine, thank goodness) and that was task in and of itself.  When one of the counselors got up to announce the rest of the meeting he mentioned the note, but only talked about the Relief Society activity the flyer was for.  Nothing about the blessing.  Oh dear.  We were resigned to think that if we couldn't get the message across, we would just end up doing it at my parents house.  Eventually, my dad was able to get the attention of the counselor and Anna was able to be blessed at the end of the meeting before the closing hymn.  Everyone thought that it ended up being a great way to end Sacrament Meeting.  Including Anna.  At the end of her blessing, when Ty lifted her up for all to see, she stretched out her arms triumphantly.  We all got a kick out of it.

       The cap didn't end up being used during the blessing, but when I put it on later for pictures it completed the outfit perfectly.  SO CUTE!  I was sad I didn't do it earlier.  It also helped cover up her cradle cap.

      Ty gave her a wonderful blessing, especially the part that talked about us knowing how special she is.  She really is a blessing and a light in our lives.  We enjoyed being in Moses Lake, being with family, and having everyone meet out little one. 

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  1. That is the sweetest little blessing outfit! Adorable girl.


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