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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time Out For Women - Seattle, WA 2011 - Emily Freeman

   Emily Freeman has become a sort of guaranteed feature at Time Out for Women in Washington.  She's spoken here the last three times.  My post on here talk from last year can be found here.

    Again, I'm afraid, my notes are a little short for Emily.  It was the end of the conference and we had had a long night the night prior.  So, once again, I hope what I have will suffice.

    "What does it mean to have the name of Christ written on our hearts?"  "We must become all together committed to the Lord."  I have a lot of work to do before I can fully say I'm "all together committed to the Lord."  Not for lack of desire, but my own human flaws keep me from becoming all His.  I could sit here and say, "I wish I was," or, "If only I could be", but that doesn't get me anywhere.  It takes sacrifice.  We must work hard to join our wants with His and then we can realize that they really are one in the same. 

    "When people look at you, what would they say your sermon is?  And what would they know about the Lord because of you?"  Whoa.  That was heavy.  Sometimes I forget that I'm an example and the responsibility that comes with that.  People look to me to see what the LDS church is like.  Am I showing them what it truly is that we are taught?  Am I taking that time to share with them what I believe?  Definitely not as often as I could be. 

    "Our testimony of the Lord is one we would never walk away from."  I tried never really worked.  :)  I love my Heavenly Father and I know that He loves me.  No matter what path in life I take, He is watching out for me, has been watching out for me.  Looking back, I can't count the ways I was spared me from harm or made it possible for me to be in the place I am now. 

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