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Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Firework Show in Kennewick

All my life, I've never been to a firework show put on by the city.  At least not to my recollection.  On a whim yesterday, Ty and I decided to check it out.  Parking took a little while to get to, but turned out to be a great place, since it was a short walk to where we could watch the show.

They told us that it we could turn our radio to a certain station and it would be playing along with the music.  I used the FM radio on my phone to get to the station, but from I could tell there was no synchronization.  However, that didn't deter from the awesome display of bright lights and colors.

It was a really good show, though I wish it would have gone longer.  Especially, since we had to pay $7 dollars for parking and getting out and even getting back home was a nightmare.  Next year, I think we'll just watch from afar. 


  1. Ohh that looks like fun! We tried to hang out at our friends' house, but Noah got cranky by 8 pm and we headed home. It sucks to pay for parking - I hate that.

  2. Bummer that you had to pay for parking! The fair you went to looked like a lot of fun!


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