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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Great Feast and the Day after...

What a glorious day for feasting!

This year we came together with my family and congregated at my parents' home.

Isn't the table lovely?

I could hardly wait to get my hands on one of these.
Grandma's famous rolls. Is there anything better than a good roll?
I don't think so.
We made up a nice little table for the chillins under 12.

I swear I found these like this, but my aunt said that it was a good representation of the day. Hehe.

Prepping food for the masses.

Or is it a mass of food for the people?
I always get it confused.
(Note: I made the two things in the bottom left corner of the first picture. Soooooo good!)

My mommy and I. She so pritty.

Finally, after I gave the prayer of thanks, we dug right on in.
We're still teaching my Dad how to chew his food.
He's learning so fast.

Happy Eaters!

Some were enticed by conversation. While others had one thing on their mind.

Focused Eaters.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Look at all the food!

We were all very happy by the end.

That's when us womenfolk got down to brass-tass.

We take our Black Friday seriously.

A little After-Dinner-Play-With-Your-Food time.
Seriously, this boy is too cute.

After our delightsome dinner, everyone parted ways.

Some of us had to get ready for this!

Note for next year......just wait for Cyber deals.
Moses Lake Wal-mart was a Madhouse.
We drove over to the Ephrata Wal-mart after this and it was in waaay better condition.

The lines alone were enough to send me packing.

But Momma Bear endured and purchased her coveted items.

I'm tired just writing this.

I think I need more pie.

How was your Thanksgiving?
If you're married or in a serious relationship, which family did you get together with?
How do you juggle families and Holidays?
How did you manage on Black Friday?


  1. We rotate between every other family for holidays. This year the Berezays got us for Thanksgiving and the Redfords are hoping we make it for Christmas. (It depends on the little Monster).

    And as for Black Friday.... I already am not a huge fan of shopping, so the thought of having to deal with more people then usual isn't worth the few bucks I might save. I'd probably end up committing assault or something! Basically, its always a no go for me.

  2. We get to share holidays with everyone. :) This Thanksgiving though, we stayed and had dinner here. Christmas, we do the annual Hirz party on the 24th, Brent's mom makes breakfast Christmas morning, and my family has dinner Christmas night. It is so convenient. :)

    I didn't do Black Friday....I was working on homework....hooray for being studious! hehe

  3. Will you please blog more? I miss knowing what's going on with you!


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