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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Germany: Family and Temporary Dwellings

The best part of going to Germany was that we got to see and visit with family. We got to meet my uncle's girlfriend/partner in crime/sorta wife person (it's complicated can you tell) and "their" daughters. Most of the time we spent ALL together was in the house that we were renting from and elderly couple who live there as well.

These are some pictures that my Opa took of the place we stayed when they first went to look at it:

This is only the side of the house, but really this is the side we saw the most, since we were coming and going so much.

This is the little cottage behind the house where my uncle's family stayed while they came to visit us.

View looking over from the cottage.

This is the lady that we were renting from. She and her husband live in left half of the second floor. Sweetest woman alive! When Ty and I first got there, her family was there having their Christmas dinner and they all welcomed us in and invited us to stay and drink with them. They looked at us like we were crazy when we told them we don't drink alcohol. Haha, it was good fun.

The inside of the house wasn't enormous, but quite comfortable. As you can see by the pictures below there was quite a few of us gathered together. My "Aunt" Petra looked like she swallowed a football as she said, "This is such a big family." And we're only getting started. Not quite enough seating, but plenty of people to keep us preoccupied.

This is the little kids room.
You see these small beds? Ty and I had two that we pushed together so we could sleep next to each other. Honestly, not the best sleep I've ever had. Funny story about the blankets. Some of you might know about this already, but in Europe they have this thing about blankets. While visiting a friend, she gave us a tour of their very modern and newly built home. When we came to the bedroom we notice the same pattern of separate blankets that had been creeping around everywhere we went. We told her in the states we just have one big blanket that we share. She looked at us shocked and disgusted and replied, "Oh! I'll share everything, but NOT MY BLANKET!!" Hahahahahaha. I'm not really biased towards them. It's not very condusive to cuddling.

This is my mom and her baby brother Werner (after my Opa). He is such a sweet guy and pretty funny. He's constantly thinking of others. He gave each of us (nephews, niece, and sister) 50 Euros for Christmas. I love my German family and I will miss them dearly.

These are my Omi and Opa. Aren't they such a cute couple!? Can you believe my Omi will be 85 this year? I know, I'm in shock! I love having European heritage....means I have great skin. My Omi even said so. :)

Holy lots of pictures BATMAN!!! And more to come.....


  1. It's so fun to read this post and see the similarities to our Poland experience. They didn't drink at all while we were there, but maybe that is because they just aren't big drinkers?

  2. I'm glad you had such a great time! The pictures are great! And, Brent and I have different blankets....I can't share and neither can he. It is so hard! Haha. But, we still manage to cuddle, don't you worry. :)

  3. wow! what an experience!!
    and I say that you have great skin too! :)


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