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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving....

On Tuesday, I decided it was finally time to go forth and buy our small little family a pumpkin and take part in the time old tradition that is pumpkin carving. However, I didn't actually get to it until last night! Oh, well. Let me take you on my journey....

Step 1.
Cut out top of pumpkin.
Yes, I bought a tablecloth and place mats for Halloween. Aren't they cute?

Step 2.
Take out all the pumpkin GUTS!!!

Step 3.
Pick out pattern and place on pumpkin.

Step 4.
Make an outline of pattern onto the pumpkin.
Okay, do not judge how fat I look in this picture. I was wearing one of Ty's shirts and was waaaay big on me.

Don't worry. That injury on my finger is not from this activity.

Step 5.
Get about thus far and call for reinforcements.

Ty brought out the BIG knife!!!

Step 6.
After awhile, decide to relocate to the coffee table so you can watch a movie while completing the task.

Keeping a watchful eye over his shoulder.

We were a little on edge by the time we finished this project.

But it was well worth the effort!

Not the greatest picture in the world, but it definitely shows of our work. Yay!


  1. you always forget how much work it is to carve a pumpkin. David and I sat at our table what seemed like for hours trying to finish ours, I was wanting to give up about halfway through!! We still have another one sitting on our table that got gutted and cleaned out, but we have been fighting over who has to carve it, haha, not really, but I don't think it is going to be getting carved!! (maybe I will just paint it and call it good and set it out front)

  2. i carved that pattern too! it took forever! yours looks way better then mine! mine kinda died over the last couple of days.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Your pumpkin looks so good! I love love love it!

  5. I am loving the fake pumpkins more. Sure it takes just as long to carve it but then it lasts for years.

    Although on the flip side you don't get any seeds.

  6. Wow your pumpkin turned out wonderful! You certainly picked one of the hardest patterns I'm sure. It's probably a good idea you only did one. You two obviously have patience and motivation. It wouldn't have been a pattern I would of picked out in a million years. Way to go!


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