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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Baby #2 Gender Reveal

      So, apparently, my body just doesn't want to sleep well the night before we find out the gender of our babies. I went to bed and slept for a little while, but woke up and couldn't fall back asleep.  We live in a condo building and we have some neighbors underneath, to the right, and behind us. The neighbors behind us share the bedroom wall. They were up until around 1AM or later talking and laughing loudly. I would have banged on the wall, but I don't want to be THAT neighbor and I doubt it would do much good. Once they were quiet, I still struggled with getting to sleep and felt like I had a panic attack all night long. My hips, especially, my left side, have been hurting after awhile of laying in bed. So lots of tossing and turning. 

      I finally got up about 6:45 and went to do my treadmill workout. Ty worked from home today since we had the ultrasound appointment. He was so sweet and let me stay in bed and rest and try to fall asleep for a bit, while he took care of Anna. He really is the best! 

      Soon enough, we were on our way as I tried to finish my liter of water before we got there. The ultrasound tech was so nice. We had forgotten to bring a USB drive so we could have pictures to take home and he offered to let us come back for another ultrasound sound for free just so we could make sure we could have pictures. We took some with my phone of the screen, but it will be so nice to have some better ones to print out. It was so fun to see our baby moving around.  Opening and closing their mouth, moving their limbs, sucking their thumb, seeing the heart pumping. So incredible! 

      Soon, he was able to check for the gender. And......

      We're having another girl!! In the beginning, I really felt like we were having a boy, but the last few weeks I started to think we might be having a girl. I couldn't make up my mind so I knew I'd be surprised either way. We're so happy! Luckily, I've saved all of Anna's clothes and since our newest girl will also be a February baby, everything should work out seasonally too. We haven't settled on any names for a girl so we have some thinking to do. I'm mostly just feeling so at peace finally knowing we're having a girl. Life should be pretty interesting with all these females. A little funny since Ty and I both only have brothers. Let's pray that this girl will be as easy as Anna! Haha. 

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