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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time Out For Women - Seattle, WA 2011 - Merrilee Boyack

   Merrilee was a new-to-us presenter this year and I must say I just love her.  She was funny and clever.  She's another one of those people that I just want to be friends with.

    The title of Merrilee's talk was "Blaze Your Own Trail."  She shared the statement BECOME U! and assigned a term for each letter.  With each term there was also a story from a woman in her life or in history that blazed their own trail and personified their specific topic.  Unfortunately, I was silly enough to not note the women and their stories so all I have are simple notes of each letter.  If I ever see Merrilee again I'll ask her for them and relay them back to you.

B:  Be Bold

Each of us are great leaders.  Satan will tell us that we are not.  "Tell Satan to pound sand."  :)

E:  Eternally Minded

Focus on the things of eternity.

C:  Creative -

We were meant to create and we are each creative in our own way.

 O:  Outward focus -

We have nurturing hearts.  We are "Keepers of the Heart".  We are the ones who make a difference.

M:  Meek -

We are humble women and we have our ears turned to the Lord to hear His will.  Love the Lord & love others.

E:  Enlightened -

We are women of spirit, who look for light and guidance.

U:  Unique -

This one is pretty self explanatory.

    By doing all these things we become someone better.  Become someone our Heavenly Father would be proud of.  We can blaze our own trail and become amazing women (and men :) ).

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